Helping Families Ensure Their Children Enter School Ready to Learn

2024-2025 Board of Trustees

Legacy Council

The ECS Legacy Council is a committee primarily comprised of past Children’s Champion honorees.  The purpose of the Legacy Council is to create a lasting reminder of the many generous gifts the various Legacy Council members have given to the community’s children in their own unique and compassionate way. The members will help introduce people in our community to the good work of ECS, assist in hosting the Children’s Champion event, and play a key role in selection of the Children’s Champion honoree each year.

  • John D. Baker, II
  • Martha Frye Baker
  • J.F. Bryan, IV
  • Peggy Bryan
  • The Hon. John A. Delaney
  • Connie Hodges
  • Betsy Ross Lovett*
  • Mr. Russell B. Newton, Jr.*
  • Mrs. Russell B. Newton, Jr.
  • Davy Parrish
  • Pamela Y. Paul
  • The Hon. John Peyton
  • Delores Barr Weaver
  • Dr. Warner Webb
  • Dr. Albert Wilkinson, Jr.*