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CDA 2.0

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ECS Head Start and Early Head Start employees interested in the CDA training program must contact their center manager for specific training instructions.

Application for CDA CLASS

Flyer for Upcoming CDA Courses

CDA Scholarships for Duval County

 * Scholarships may be available for CDA applicants through the TEACH Scholarship Program.  You may contact The Children’s Forum at 1-877-358-3224, or contact Danesha Davis at 904-726-1500, ext. 299 for more information.

Upcoming CDA Classes:

Professional Portfolio Training

Professional Portfolio Training is held every second Saturday of the month at our Central location at 8443 Baymeadows Road, Jacksonville, FL 32256, from 9 to 11 a.m..  Please bring the following items to participate in this workshop:

  • CDA Competency Standards Guide (must be ordered through The Council for Professional Recognition at 
  • A one- or two-inch binder
  • 9 dividers
  • 12 mailing labels
  • 30 page protectors
  • One medium-size pack of Post-it notes
  • One black Sharpie marker

There is no fee to attend this class. If you have any questions regarding this workshop, please feel free to contact Danesha Davis at  

CDA Training

We are offering one week night teacher lead class and one weekend teacher lead class this fall. Our Tuesday / Thursday class will begin January 10th – March 25th.  Classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday night (6:00pm-8:00pm) .

Our weekend class will begin January 7th– March 21st .  We will meet every other Saturday (9:00am – 5:00pm) at our Central location at 8443 Baymeadows Rd. Jacksonville, Florida 32256. Sign up today by clicking on the ” Application for CDA Class ” link above or contact Danesha Davis at for more details and registration.

*Orientation for these trainings will be held on January 3rd from 6-7pm at 8443 Baymeadows Rd. Jacksonville, Florida 32256

 Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: How much does it cost to attend CDA 2.0 classes with Episcopal Children’s Services?

A: There is no cost to attend the class for those in Duval County, however, there is a $35 application fee for those who wish to attend but work in a surrounding county.

Q: How do I apply for a scholarship for CDA 2.0?

A: You must work for a School Readiness program, complete an Early Learning Coalition Staff Credential Application or an Episcopal Children’s Services Scholarship Application, and attach a high school diploma and a DCF Transcript. Scholarships are awarded while funding lasts.

Q: What materials will I need to bring in order to participate in Episcopal Children’s Services CDA 2.0 training classes?

A: You will need…

  1. A one- or two-inch binder
  2. 9 dividers
  3. 30 page protectors
  4. 12 small mailing labels
  5. One black Sharpie marker
  6. One medium-sized pack of Post-it

Books are provided for candidates that have been awarded a CDA Scholarship.

Q: If I have an FCCP (CDAE), can I participate in Episcopal Children’s Services training class and apply for a National CDA?

A: Yes! Please contact Danesha Davis at to find out more details.

Q: What items do I need in apply for a CDA scholarship with ECS or ELC?

A:  A letter from your Director on the center’s Letter Head stating you work for a School Readiness program and have worked at least 480 hours with children, a high school diploma, and a DCF Transcript.

Q: I earned my National CDA in Florida but I am moving to Georgia. Can I use my CDA there?

A: Yes. The National CDA is recognizable in the United States, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico!!!

Q: Once I complete the CDA 2.0 training with Episcopal Children’s Service s, will my instructor issue my CDA?

A: No, to earn your National CDA you must:

  • Develop a professional portfolio.
  • Apply for your National CDA with The Council for Professional Recognition.
  • Select a PD Specialist.
  • Receive a “Ready to Schedule“ notice from The Council for Professional Recognition.
  • Schedule your CDA Exam.
  • Schedule your Verification Visit.
  • Apply for a CDA Scholarship or make payment to The Council for Professional Recognition in the amount of $425.

Once all requirements have been submitted, The Council for Professional Recognition will determine if the candidate has successfully earned a National CDA. An email will be sent to the candidate explaining The Council’s decision.

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CDA Renewal Guidelines

Episcopal Children’s Services has been accredited as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). In obtaining this accreditation, the Episcopal Children’s Services has demonstrated that it complies with the ANSI/IACET Standard which is recognized internationally as a standard of good practice. As a result of the Authorized Provider status, the Episcopal Children’s Services is authorized to offer IACET CEUs for programs that qualify under the ANSI/IACET Standard.