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Required Forms of Documentation

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VPK Parent Registration | Required Forms of Documentation

***NOTE: It is preferred that the parent/guardian with whom the child LIVES be the one to complete the necessary VPK paperwork.***

What proof of age can I use?

We are allowed to accept the following as Date of Birth (DOB) documentation:

·       A duly attested transcript of the child’s birth record (birth certificate).
***Note: birth certificate must be an official state issued document. Hospital certificates are not acceptable.***

·       A duly attested transcript of a certificate of baptism or other religious record accompanied by an affidavit sworn to by the parent.

·       A life insurance policy on the child that has been in force for at least two years.

·       A passport or certificate of arrival in the United States (consular report of birth abroad) showing the age of the child.

·       An immunization record indicating the date of birth, signed by a public health officer or by a licensed practicing physician.

·       A valid military dependent identification card.

·       If none of the evidential documents listed above can be produced, an affidavit of age sworn to by the parent, accompanied by a certificate of age signed by a public health officer or by a licensed practicing physician that states that the physician has examined the child and believes that the age as stated in the affidavit is substantially correct may be accepted.

What proof of CURRENT PHYSICAL residence can I use?

The document must:
1.     Include the parent’s name.

2.     Include the parent’s current physical address.

3.     MATCH the address listed on the VPK application.

4.     NOT be a Post Office Box.

5.     Be one of the items listed below:

  • Recent/current utility bills such as: electric, water, sewage, gas, cable, satellite, or land line phone bills in the parent’s name with the service address listed. We CANNOT accept cell phone statements, credit card statements, or mortgage statements/closing papers, or anything NOT in the parent’s name or that doesn’t list a service address.
  • Recent pay stub.
  • Residential rental agreement or receipt from rental payment (must be current and not expired).
  • Current government documents (e.g. FL ID/driver’s license or property tax assessment showing homestead exemption).
  • Military order showing that the child’s parent is a service member in the U.S. Armed Forces and is assigned to duty in Florida when the child attends the VPK program (e.g., permanent change of station).
  • A Florida Migrant Education Certificate of Eligibility (COE) Form from the Florida Department of Education.
  • If none of the evidential documents listed above can be produced, an affidavit of residency sworn to by the parent, accompanied by a letter from a landlord or property owner that confirms that the child resides at the address shown in the affidavit, may be accepted.
  • If none of the evidential documents listed above are available for a child who is experiencing homelessness, as defined in Section 1003.01(12), F.S., a letter from a homeless shelter, homeless referral, or affidavit sworn to by the child’s parent may be accepted to document residency showing that the child is homeless and resides in Florida.

Applying for Specialized Instructional Services?

Be sure to upload your child’s current IEP from your local school district.